Mikhail Chemiakin Metaphysical Bust

The drawing can be a signature: ceasing to be a go-between, the hand states its identity. Let it be free to present nothing but its own existence, its inalienable rhythm, its physical attributes through which it is unlike any other hand in the world. It proclaims for itself the right to become - for once - an end and a limit. The hand does not represent and presents nothing. It signs.

Where the cosmos meets psychology and psychoanalysis, improvisation rekindles the most audacious thought. Mood after mood wrestles with the universe, the culture, the capture of invention. Chemiakin does not have one single way to apprehend the real or the imaginary, the human or the divine, but all the ways simultaineously to make us aware - fabulous, analytical, happy, tormented Chemiakin.

Adapted from,
Alain Bosquet
January l978

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