Mikhail Chemiakin Metaphysical Ourka

The brain encouraged by the hand to wake up, as soon as it is effectively awakes, it prevents the hand from behaving rakishly. It takes charge of what the hand offers it in semi-blindness. Where does irresponsibility end and where does full responsibility start? To this possible question, I would like to answer: Chemiakin never improvises but in the fullest intellectual responsibility, which by no means signifies that he refuses improvisation.

When the orders come from the motion rather than from the concept, an itinerary must be given to it and the drawing might look like the tracings of a seismograph or like a cardiogram. All of a sudden, the nature pf the drawing changes and from the abstract and it becomes concrete. A kind of wandering of the hand - one might think - enamored of its curves and dawdlings? But it takes hold of itself: the drawing ends up as a walrus, or a seal or a dog stranded on a beach: the formless becomes embodied.

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