Ernst Neizvestny, "Head"

-Ernst Neizvestny: born in Sverdlovsk in 1925; Fought in the Red Army in WWII, Was severely wounded and thought dead but was saved in a hospital in Bratislava. Later studied art, worked as a founder in the Urals, was a militant political dissident ( his famous confrontation with Krushthchev in 1962), came to prominence in the 60s and emigrated in 1976.

"Neizvestny did not become a dissident in his school years. As a student at the Surikov Institute he worked diligently to master the ABC's and techniques of sculpturing. He was apprenticed to many masters such as Vuchetich, Tomsky and Kerbel. 'Only now am I beginning to appreciate what I learned then', admitted Neizvestny. 'In those years', he added, 'I had no differences with the school'."

Alexander Glezer

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