Oscar Rabin, Portrait of Lili Brochetain

Oscar Rabin is one of the Brochetains' favourite painters. He was one of the leading figures of the non-conformist movement and one of the first to paint truly original, non-official art. He lived in a village just outside Moscow called Lionozovo where his home was the meeting place of the first independent art group in the Soviet Union, "The Lionozovo Group". Members included Rabin's wife, Valentina Kropivnitskaia, her parents, the painter Evgeni Kropivitski and poetess Olga Potapova, Valentinas brother Lev Kropivnitski, the painters N. Vetchtomov, V. Nemoukhin and L. Masterkova as well as the "free poets" I. Kholine, H. Sapguir and V. Nekrassov. The art critic Galina Manevitch comments, "Lionozovo was the centre of virulent criticism of Socialist Realism and the place where structured avant-garde thought took form in the Soviet Union". Combined, these two characteristics determined the shape of the avant-garde of the 1960's~80's.

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