The great poet and artist William Blake said once that poetry and art
were ways to converse with paradise.

The Lili Brochetain Collection is currently exhibiting approximately 120 works of art online. It is often difficult for visitors to stroll among so many paintings wihtout a pause. In physical galleries, visitors are treated with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Even our, state of the art, technology does not permit this. Instead, we offer intellectual refreshment. At the beginning of each room is an exerpt drawn from the treasury of lyrical English poems. Think of them as conversation and refreshment, accompanying the pictures. Some will renew your acquaintance with master writers of English and American literature; others may be less familiar to you and we hope they surprise and enchant you. In either case we hope they will increase the pleasure you find touring the site.

The Lili Brochetain Collection is divided into three main parts:

1) Features: where you will find the latest editions to the online Collection.

2) Permanent Collection: where you will find the majority of the paintings in the Lili Brochetain Collection Online. The paintings are divided into separate "rooms" named after planets. Each rooms contains approximately 20 paintings along with descriptions. In addition, each room welcomes the visitor with a poem from Lili Brochetain's personal compilation of great lyric poems. These are poems that Lili Brochetain loved.

3) History of the Lili Brochetain Collection: where you will find additional information about Russian non-conformist art, the Collection, and the artists.

The following artists are represented in the Lili Brochetain Collection:

Vladimir Bugrin, Erik Bulatov, Mikhail Chemiakine, Arthur Fonvizin, Yuri Jarkikh, Ilya Kabakov, Ilya Kagan, Viatcheslav Kalinin, Valentina Kropivnitskaia, Igor Makarevitch, Tatiana Nazarenko, Natalia Nesterova, Oscar Rabin, Mikhail Roguinski, Adam Samogit, Valentina Shapiro, Vassily Sitnikov, Anatoly Slepyshev, Vladimir Titov, Oleg Tselkov, Vladimir Weissberg, Yankilevsky, Edward (Edik) Zelenin.

Many of the artists in this collection are represented in the current exhibition of Jewish Soviet artists in The New York Jewish Museum. Others are represented at Rutgers' Art exhibition. Numerous articles have been written about the Lili Brochetain Collection including one by John Bowlt (USC professor and top Western historian of Russian art) in the February 1994 edition of ARTnews.

Special thanks to Alexander Eidelman who made all photographs.

We hope you enjoy the Collection. Comments can be referred to Michel Brochetain in Paris by sending e-mail to: