Dedicated in Loving memory to Lili Brochetain

"During the 60s, the period of Khrushtchov's government, the cutting edge of resistance to the power in place was not a group of dissidents but a group of painters. No-one needed them, they were obscure, pitiable and poor but they were nevertheless artists. They were the first to proclaim their independence from and disagreement with the authorities and the predominant ideology. They thus became the most hated enemies of the government".

G. Aigui

"The most absurd of all this was that the 'Other Art' should have been predestined to become an art of political resistance, when all it was aiming to be was art. And that it most certainly was".

V. Rakitin

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Russian Non-conformist Art, 1960-1980
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Above photo by Alexander Eidelman.

Paintings surrounding Michel Brochetain: on the left, portrait of Lili Brochetain by Rabin; to the right, self-portrait by Ivan Kliun (according to the Russian art historian Yuri Molok, although Kliun in fact had a beard); on the wall behind, 3 children by Valentina Shapiro.

The following artists are represented in the Lili Brochetain Collection:

Vladimir Bugrin, Erik Bulatov, Mikhail Chemiakine, Arthur Fonvizin, Yuri Jarkikh, Ilya Kabakov, Ilya Kagan, Viatcheslav Kalinin, Valentina Kropivnitskaia, Igor Makarevitch, Tatiana Nazarenko, Natalia Nesterova, Oscar Rabin, Mikhail Roguinski, Adam Samogit, Valentina Shapiro, Vassily Sitnikov, Anatoly Slepyshev, Vladimir Titov, Oleg Tselkov, Vladimir Weissberg, Yankilevsky, Edward (Edik) Zelenin.

Many of the artists in this collection are represented in the current exhibition of Jewish Soviet artists in The New York Jewish Museum. Others are represented at Rutgers' Art exhibition. Numerous articles have been written about the Lili Brochetain Collection including one by John Bowlt (USC professor and top Western historian of Russian art) in the February 1994 edition of ARTnews.

Special thanks to Alexander Eidelman who made all photographs.

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