Every Painting has a Story

A private collection is always unique. The works assembled by one person or family do not just reflect the tastes and artistic ideas of the collector in question but attain a sort of family identity of their own. Of course a link between the painter, the painting and the collector is forged, but futhermore the paintings themselves establish relationships among one another. Every painting represents and symbolises the meeting point of several human destinies.

This online Collection is Michel Brochetain's gift to the loving memory of his wife. Lili Brochetain always wanted to share the Collection with the widest possible audience because it represents some of the best examples of Russian "non-conformist" art.

We hope you enjoy "The Lili Brochetain Collection Online". The Collection will be updated regularly and, when possible, we will provide our online visitors with the intriguing stories behind the paintings.

Olga Medvedkova
(translated by Kate Viggers)