Vyacheslav Kalinin, The Passer by

The "neo-romanticism" of Boris Svechnikov strongly influenced many painters in his entourage, in particular Alexandre Kharitinov Viatcheslav Kalinin, whose work is represented in the Brochetain Collection by several "classic" paintings from the 1970's, for example, "Tea" and, "The Passer-by".

Viatcheslav Kalinin, a manierist and aesthete, a painter of the fantastic, is one of Michel Brochetain's favourite artists. In his work the sordid life of Muscovite bohemians becomes a sophisticated carnival wherein those familiar with the milieu easily recognise familiar perennial characters and even certain individuals. In this combination of the everyday and the supernatural in a Moscow landscape, Kalinin shows a similarity to Mikhail Boulgakov, one of the writers particularly admired by the intelligentsia in Moscow in the 1970's.

Olga Medvedkova
(translated by Kate Viggers)

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