Vladimir Titov, Perestroika 1989 (Moscow from my window)

"I first met Vladimir Titov, Vassily Sitnikov's pupil, in Paris in 1984. He married a French girl and lives in Paris. However, for quite some time Titov used to depict Moscow and its suburban streets. The streets are either deserted or populated with faceless characters crowded round a pub or queuing outside a shop or store, or just standing and chatting idly for want of a better occupation. Stray and what looks like hungry dogs are wandering around - queer, elongated and, I am tempted to say, drawn out.

In the intitial years of his life in Paris, Titov's large canvases (he only paints large pictures although it is rather difficult to sell them in Paris) depicted the Russian whitish sky stretching to the horizon and below this endless sky the same people and the same streets.".

Alexander Glezer

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