The Venus Room

from Sonnets: Part II

Under the mountain, as when I first knew
Its low black roof, and chimney creeper-twined,
The red house stands; and yet my footsteps find
Vague in the walks, waste balm and feverfew.
But they are gone; no soft-eyed sisters trip
Across the porch or lintels; where, behind,
The mother sat,--sat knitting with pursed lip.
The house stands vacant in its green recess,
Absent of beauty as a broken heart;
The wild rain enters; and the sunset wind
Sighs in the chambers of their loveliness,
Or shakes the pane; and in the silent noons,
The glass falls from the window, part by part,
And ringeth in the grassy stones.

Frederick Goddard Tuckerman (1821-1873)

Eric Bulatov, The Entrance

Vadimir Bugrin, Portrait of Michel Brochetain

Vladimir Goos, Erotica

Viatcheslav Kalinin, Tea

Vladimir Nemukhin, The Joker

Vladimir Nemukhin, Seven of diamonds

Oscar Rabin, The Smoked and the Salted

Mikhail Roguinski, Self-portrait

Anatoli Slepyshev, Peasant, Horse and little dog

Boris Sveshnikov, Midday in July

Boris Svesnikhov, Urban landscape

Vladimir Titov, Perestroika 1989 (Moscow from my window)

Vladimir Titov, Tramps in the Metro

Oleg Tselkov, Untitled

Oleg Tselkov, Untitled

Oleg Tselkov, The Blue Cup

V. Yakovlev, Flower

Edward Zelenin, Lady with a hat

Edward Zelenin, Postal stamp in USSR (unique for a living artist)

Anatoli Zverev, Portrait of a Moscow painter

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