Oleg Tselkov, Untitled

"In 1960, for the first time, I painted a canvas with two strange, pinkish-white faces. Suddenly I had a feeling that there was something in those faces, that I had found a path I could continue to travel. I had seen a large number of Malevich's pictures in 1958 in the storage cellars of the Russian Museum in Leningrad, and I was very much influenced by him. What I like about Malevich is the astonishing completeness of his plastic art and, most importantly, his extraordinary precision. One has the feeling that it is as if he subsumes all his emotions into an apparently very simple formula. Without losing or rejecting anything, he manages, figuratively speaking, to express the most profound emotional idea in a couple of words. Malevich taught me simplicity."

Oleg Tselkov

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