Oleg Tselkov, Untitled

"Later, when I was searching for my own path, I chose, or at least tried to choose, simplicity. I used essentially extremely simple compositions, extremely simple colors which contained no sham significance. I made every effort to discard what artists generally term painting, everything that was so noticeable in Cezanne and the Impressionists - complex, obscure use of color and a generally impressionistic, indeterminate attitude towards the subject of the picture. I wanted definition. This is how I came to simple, curved lines and simple color. But, as well as avoiding indeterminateness, I wanted to make my color bright and utterly intelligible. It sometimes happens that people mumble nonsense and we may suddenly, if we listen closely, discover that there are some apparently intelligent ideas hidden in it. My aim is that if I do have any intelligent ideas, they should not be hidden, but be on the surface and clearly visible."

Oleg Tselkov

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