Mikhail Roginsky, Self-portrait

"Mikhail Roginsky is a major figure in the Moscow art world of the sixties. He took up painting in earnest in 1960. He began with Moscow landscapes making them not from life, but from memory. On his canvases was the Soviet capital of the Khrushchev era rather than old Moscow. Somewhat later the artist turned his attention to still-lifes and painted apartments and kitchens. Poet Ghenrikh Sapgir described these pictures as pop-art (Roginsky did not even know the word at the time). Sapgir was not the only one to described them thus. I happened to hear it said many times that Roginsky was engaging in pop-art in Moscow alsmost at the same time as Jasper Johns , perhaps a little later. Such was the fate of unofficial Russian artitists in this totalitarian country: Jasper Hohns was known throughout the world, whereas until his emigration to the West, hardly anyone had heard of Roginski here".

Alexander Glezer

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