Jupiter Hall

Epitaph on the Lady Mary Villiers

This little vault, this narrow room,
Of love and beauty is the tomb;
The dawning beam that 'gan to clear
Our clouded sky, lies darkened here,
Forever set to us, by death,
Sent to inflame the world beneath.
'Twas but a bud, yet did contain
More sweetness than shall spring again;
A budding star that might have grown
Into a sun, when it had blown.
This hopeful beauty did create
New life in Love's declining state;
But now his empire ends, and we
From fire and wounding darts are free;
His brand, his bow, let now man fear--
The flames, the arrows, all lie here.

--Thomas Carew (1594-1640)

Solomon Gershov, The Prophet

Youri Jarkikh, Portrait of Mikhail Chemiakim

Youri Jarkikh, The Marketplace

Rudolf Khatchatrian, Portrait of Lili Brochetain

Valentina Kropivnitskaya

Alexander Putov, Haifa Countryside

Valentina Shapiro, The Engaged

Edik Steinberg, Still life with Dead Bird

Vladimir Yakovlev, The Double Portrait

Edouard Zelenine, The Man Violin
Anatoli Zverev, Portrait of the painter Vladimir Nemoukhin

Anatoli Zverev, Portrait of a Woman

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